To the left is a representative list of projects we have completed. Not unlike the list on the “About Us” page that contains most of the projects we have completed, this list contains projects we feel are good examples of the types of projects that we work on.

Sage Engineering is diversified in Structural Engineering.

From residential design to multistory structural design; from industrial structures to bridge structures, Sage Engineering has experience in all aspects of Structural Engineering. We are well versed is concrete design, wood design, steel design, masonry design, precast and post-tensioned design. There isn’t a project that we haven’t had experience designing. Our experience spans twenty five years of engineering that will benefit any project.

Sage Engineering uses the latest technology and software in our structural engineering designs. We use structural analysis programs to assist in our designs. The programs we use are RISA-3D, Enercalc, Excel, ET Culvert, Forte, RedSpec, Quick Anchor, Retain Pro and various proprietary programs. Our drafting is done in AutoCAD Architecture.

Sage Engineering is experienced in Civil Engineering.

From commercial site design to complete subdivision design; from project planning and approval through construction, Sage Engineering has experience in all aspects of Civil Engineering. We are experienced in site planning, utility coordination and design, roadway design, water and wastewater engineering. The software we use is Land Development Desktop, AutoCAD Civil 3D, WaterCAD, Excel and various other civil programs to assist our designs. The attention to detail and customer service is the necessary and critical element in all of our projects.

From Schematic Design through Construction Documents.

Coordination and assistance through the design phases of a project is critical. At Sage Engineering we pride ourselves on listening and assisting the Client through the Design process. Based on our experience we suggest cost saving design and construction methods to enhance and improve all aspects of the project. We are well versed in LEED issues for civil and structural engineering projects. We also work on improving the energy compliance and savings in the design. Coordination between all design professionals, i.e. electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, landscape architects, sound engineers, etc… is paramount and we work with everyone to the ultimate benefit of the client.

Participating in the Bid Administration and the follow through the Construction Administration.

At Sage Engineering we recognize the importance of the Bid Administration and the Construction Administration aspect of the project. It is important to communicate the intent of the project design to all the participating bidding contractors, as well as, assist and ensure that the successful bidder constructs the project as intended in the construction documents. The goal is to provide the client with the project as they need and intended and at the highest quality for their use.

Not all projects require Bid and/or Construction Administration but at Sage Engineering we are available and well experienced in participating and ensuring the quality of the project during these phases.