Approximately fifty percent of Sage Engineering projects are for Architects and other design professionals. The typical case is where the Architect is hired by the Client (Owner) and we are a part of the design team. The design team coordinates through the Architect to provide the designs necessary to provide a project that meets the needs of the Client.

At Sage Engineering we appreciate the efforts of the Architect and other design professionals in obtaining new projects. We consider being selected to be a part of the design team a privilege and an honor that requires our every attention to detail of all aspects of the project design. We believe we bring considerable knowledge and experience that will enhance and promote the most cost efficient and successful construction of the project for the Client.

Approximately thirty-five percent of our projects at Sage Engineering is directly for Contractors. In construction, “Time is Money”, and that is every bit as true for Contractors. We are proud of our experience in working as and with contractors and bringing our experience to the table to meet their needs and time frames. In the design process, we work closely with contractors to adapt our engineering expertise to their desired construction materials and methods of construction.

Also at Sage Engineering, we have contractors in the midst of a project and they have an immediate need for a resolution to a construction problem. Again, “Time is Money” and we respond immediately and work relentlessly to resolve their issues to keep the construction on schedule and efficiently moving along. Further, on projects we have designed and if the contractor has varied from the project documents we work with them, without being punitive, to come up with a solution that will work with the situation to meet the original intent of the Project Documents and that will meet the original quality level to the benefit of the Client.

Approximately fifteen percent of our projects at Sage Engineering is directly for Project Owners. As in the role of the Architect/Owner relationship, we take the lead in the project and work closely with the Project Owner to establish their needs and provide a project that meets their needs. With our established experience we aggressively and efficiently work in this role to the benefit of the Project Owner.

As the project lead, we work through the five phases of the design process noted below with the Project Owner to the successful completion of the project. Further, as the project lead, there is generally a learning curve for the Project Owner. We understand the need to educate and guide the Project Owner to help them understand their needs and define the path to obtain a successful project.

Services Overview

Schematic Design.

The Schematic Design Phase of a project is when the client comes to the project lead, typically an Architect and they focus on the dreams and needs of the proposed project. During this phase a preliminary code and project program are laid out. Further, the project is typically sketched out and a preliminary cost estimate is established. At Sage Engineering we offer our expertise in construction methods, types of construction and preliminary project costs.

Design Development.

All the major decision for the project are typically made during the Design Development Phase. The sketches created during the Schematic Design phase are developed in to preliminary project drawings for review and approval of the client. Building materials and finishes are generally determined during this phase as well. A thorough code analysis is performed and reviewed by the other consultants and types of systems are defined. At Sage Engineering we again, offer our expertise in construction methods, types of construction and preliminary project costs.

Construction Documents.

After the design is fully developed, all the required technical information, such as dimensions and notes are added to the drawings. All the required design consultants are engaged and the construction documents are completed. A Project Manual is typically developed which will include the final specifications of all the materials to be used in the project. Combined, the construction drawings and the project manual become the legal documents from which the contractors bid from and ultimately construct the project. Also, at this time, the project is submitted for a building permit from all the governing jurisdictions. Sage Engineering is fully involved in all aspects of this phase providing all the documents necessary for the civil and structural aspects of the project. Attending all coordination meetings necessary and meeting with the governing jurisdictions to ensure the smooth approval of the project, as well as, the quickest process of obtaining the building permit.

Bidding Administration.

Once the client has approved the work completed in the Construction Documents phase and the building permit is obtained or in process, then the comprehensive Bid Package is produced. Then the Construction Drawings, the Project Manual and the Bid Package is issued to all the potential bidders (by a select list or open project, depending on the client and the governing laws). All the legitimate bids are then considered with the client and the successful bidders are selected. Sage Engineering is available during the bid administration process to answer any and all questions and to provide clarifications regarding our work for the potential bidders.

Construction Administration.

During the Construction Administration phase the successful construction bidders commence and complete the project construction. During the construction, all of the design professionals provide construction observation services to observe the construction and note issues that occur when the contractors vary from the approved Project Documents. The design group works closely with the contractors to keep the project on schedule and efficiently resolve any unexpected issues that arise. When the project is close to completion, the design group will perform a “walk-through” with the client and prepare a “punch list” of items that need completion or correction. Sage Engineering is available during the construction administration process to observe the construction and note issues that occur when the contractors vary from the approved Project Documents.