Company History

Sage Engineering. located in Boise, Idaho was formed in February 2012 out of Sage Engineers, Inc. and previously out of Pinnacle Engineers, Inc. by Brian D. Smith. Brian was the Founder, Owner and President of Pinnacle Engineers, Inc. Pinnacle was formed in December of 1992 originally as a DBA named Pinnacle Consulting Engineers. Pinnacle was created during a time of rapid expansion and growth in the North Western United States to serve the development and construction industry. Brian still believes in the importance of solid professional service. He says, “The key to our success and sustainability stems from our ability to focus on meeting each project’s changing needs efficiently – balancing quality, construction schedules, and budgets effectively.

Why Sage

A Sage is a wise man, and wisdom is gained through experience. Using Brian’s vast experience, Sage strives to maintain client satisfaction through detailed research of all projects, project design in accordance with applicable codes and specifications, and prompt attention to issues during construction.Sage prides themselves with their attention to detail – that can only come with experience – and their ability to set and meet client milestones and deadlines, proper and efficient selection of materials, and thorough follow-up during construction to assure that engineering design and architectural inspiration compliment one another.


Brian D. Smith, P.E., S.E.

Brian D. Smith States of Licensure

State/Jurisdiction Date of Registration
Alabama 1998
Alaska 2012
Arizona 1996
California 2016
Colorado 1996
Florida 1999
Georgia 2012
Hawaii – Structural License 2002
Idaho 1993
Idaho – Structural License 2001
Illinois 1998
Indiana 1998
Iowa 1999
Kansas 2004
Kentucky 1997
Louisiana 1999
Maryland 2003
Minnesota 1999
Missouri 1998
Montana 1996
Nebraska 1999
Nevada – Civil/Structural License 2009
New Hampshire 1995
New Mexico 1998
North Dakota 1999
Oklahoma 1998
Oregon 1994
Oregon – Structural License 2002
South Carolina 1998
South Dakota 1999
Tennessee 1999
Texas 1998
Utah – Civil/Structural License 1995
Washington 1993
Wisconsin 1999
Wyoming 1995
Boise – ESC Responsible Person 2012
Boise – ESC Plan Designer 2012